Only you can do it

Dear Friend do you worried about failures??There is nothing in the world to make you to feel worse .You are such a person with good knowledge and intelligence.You can do anything in the world if you know the magic -smart work.

Yes of course only you can do it.You are the one assigned to do the task whatever may be the obstacle come in between your path.

Do you know why?

Because you are the person who never believes luck in life and you used to put your hard work to succeed.Friend one good thing I need to share with you now ,there is a difference between hard work and smartwork . If you let your soul to know it and then if you implement in your own style,no one is there to stop your growth.

Many people are ready to work hard but they never think about smart work and they live their life like a small boat rowing successfully in an ocean.People those who know the tips and tricks about smart work will shine like a biggest ship confidently.

Never think about postponement of programs or scheduling your work.The day you love your work then your mind will get ready to stick into it . So love your work ,plan and do smartwork.

You are kingmaker ,no one is there to defeat you . When you put both hardwork and smartwork only sky is the limit for your success.

Never ever give up,consistency and dedication towards the work will decide the outcome.Stay strong do your best till the last minute of your game.A single second will change the entire game.You can fight for your success only with the hardwork and smartwork as weapons.

Remember my words friend the whole world is ready to celebrate you for your success.Dont forget and keep going.

Only you can do it my dear friend.

Its only you.

Will meet with a new post again ,stay happy and keep smiling from Bhothudent.

Say no to depression

Depression is the one which rules many of the young people. In this video am going to share about newly married couples.

Through this blog am going to share a story of one of my friend who got married before 5 years .Dear people do you know one thing ,she is not that much pretty but she is good in handling tough situations in a smooth manner during our college days.

In the real life she started facing some discriminations, demotivation mentally as well as physically.

She finished her undergraduation ,but she also wishes to do her PhD.she also wants to start her career back after 2 years of marriage life with a  busy family,dominating husband.

She s ready to do that multitask.she created her own time for passion and profession. She never listened to the words with extreme power of negativity.she just avoided those people contact.She is much more concentrated towards her aim.

Friends,never ever underestimate the will power of anyone .She trained herself to stay motivated by avoiding unnecessary stress and depression .She is much more keen in her path to achieve success.

People say failures are stepping Stones of success .But also the more insult you face will turn back into the best motivation around you also plays a key role.she never lost her confidence.

The battle last for 3 more years ,atlast she consumed the profit of her hard work and smart work.she finished her studies ,started her own business,gained her respect in the society as well as in the family.she proved again

Friends,life is full of hidden struggles and battles,the person who knows the best way to overcome those things will shine like a solo star. I saw the real solo star in my life

So people ,keep boosting yourself,mainly self help is the best help.Find your passion ,never get stressed or depressed .Life is like a clay ,it is in you hands to become a valuable statue or an undefined one.

Choice is yours .

Stay tuned  for more motivational posts.Until then good bye,stay safe and keep smiling.

Yours Bhothudent

Smile makes many things

We all know the old proverb money makes many things but there are lot of factors ahead of money among those one of which am going to deal with is the beautiful smile over a highly worried face.

Yes you people think now that am i joking , no that’s not correct .It’s true .

We a team of professionals working under a Periodontist in our city.There a lady who is about 35+ and she visited our clinic to know details regarding smile makeover and she needs someone to help her out from a hidden smile that made her self confidence to die and worried to meet anybody else.

We Dentist decided to help her out by clearing all the factors and also after checking her general health.

Her major issue was highly broken teeth due to generalized cavities so none of the tooth is ready to do it’s function.So the treatment plan was formed which includes complete removal of both upper and lower teeth after replacement with dental implants.

Dental implants were in practice for many years.Appropriate size of implants were selected for replacement

The procedure took some time to complete successfully .After a period of 3 months she became the happiest woman in the world.she was satisfied and she regained her happiness again in her life.

The smile made her life fulfilled with regaining happiness.

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